Revitus Real Estate Trust – REDESIGN | RENOVATE | REGENERATE

After Revitalisation -2024
Net lettable Area (M2)
  • Total : 6,803.25m2
  • Retail:706.94m2
  • Offices: 6,096.31m2

Five Street/Eighth Avenue,
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Property Value (USD)
  • Market Value: $2,270,000
  • Gross Replacement Value: $13,470,000

Pioneer House Description

The property, identified as stand 286 in Bulawayo Township, encompasses a land area of 1,110m² and is registered as Title Deed number 450/2023. The registered owner is Revitus Property Opportunities Real Estate Investment Trust. Situated in the Bulawayo CBD at Five Street, Eighth Avenue, Bulawayo, the property falls under City of Bulawayo Local Plan No. 4 Central Area, Zone 1A, Business Core: Shops and Offices.

This property is a multi-storey building comprising ground and mezzanine floor retail spaces and eleven typical office floors, all served by three passenger lifts. The Net Lettable Space is approximately 6,803.25m².

Details of proposed property improvements and rental rates:

The building is slated to be repurposed from office use to licensed residential*, accommodating long-stay apartments, lodges, and hotels. The proposed facility will include apartments and supporting amenities such as a restaurant, shared workspace, entertainment lounge (bar), janitor, and caretaker rooms. The accommodation list comprises reception areas, shops, circulation space, 75 apartments, laundry facilities, shared workspaces, a restaurant, a bar, a gym, games room, landscaped balconies, and an African-themed lift lobby.

The improvements include a multi-storey building comprising ground floor and mezzanine retail, as well as eleven typical office floors served by three passenger lifts.